About Jillian Nadiak

Jillian Nadiak 2015

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Jillian Nadiak is a recent graduate of SUNY New Paltz. She is a journalist, actress, and musician.

Jillian studied Journalism and the Korean language at Korea University during the 2013/2014 academic year in Anam, Seoul, South Korea where she had the opportunity to experience many unique events including The 2013 Busan Film Festival Blue Carpet Event and appeared on one of Korea’s top variety shows, Running Man.

While in Korea, she met many people from all over the world including Madagascar, France, China and the United Kingdom. As a journalist, having studied in a country housing a different culture and language was an excellent opportunity to learn about how the media works in other countries while also reflecting on how the American media represents countries outside of America.

She also became a member of the universities acapella group, LoGs.

Jillian is currently working on her scholarship in her brother’s memory to raise awareness on veterans issues such as mental health and drug addiction. She is also working on establishing a website to raise awareness by honoring all others who have lost their lives upon returning home from war, ThoseWhoCameHome.com.

Click the menu to view work in journalism, acting and music.

You can contact Jillian at JillianLeeNadiak@gmail.com.


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